These 3 David vs. Goliath Secrets
Could Make You a Millionaire

Linda McDonough, Chief Investment Strategist, Profit Catalyst Alert

Say "David versus Goliath" to just about anyone you know and you'll instantly make a connection.

That's because it's a story embedded in our culture that brings to mind many powerful images like...

  • The underdog who beats the giant...
  • The giant who underestimates his opponent...
  • The importance of a well-timed, strategic move to conquer one's foes...
  • The ability to act decisively in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds...

As someone who makes a living helping people grow their wealth, I can definitely see many David versus Goliath parallels in the world of investing.

For example, many of the titan companies we're all familiar with today started out as upstart "Davids" that had a lot to prove.

They were the rebels eager to shake up the status quo in their industries.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Walmart and Amazon.

It would be hard to imagine a world today without the formidable presence of each of these companies. At one time, however, their fate wasn't so certain.

They had to employ all the tools at their disposal just to survive.

They had to nimble — quick to take action when presented with good opportunities.

They had to be alert — aware of what's going on in the marketplace to avoid getting blindsided.

They had to be confident — convinced they'd created products and services that delivered real value to their customers.

While these three qualities alone are not the only ones which helped these "Davids" grow and prosper, they certainly were significant in propelling them to their eventual marketplace dominance.

And as investors looking to propel ourselves into the highest stratosphere, I daresay these three qualities are critical to anyone wanting to achieve great wealth.

It's with this in mind that I joined Jim Pearce as a member of his Radical Wealth team.

Our David vs. Goliath system helps people become nimble, alert and confident investors... just like the companies we target as part of our investing strategy.


I hope you are.

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